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swIDch Auth SDK Plan and Pricing

Full Feature Breakdown

    • FIDO biometric authentication (Android: fingerprint, iOS: fingerprint / Facial recognition)
    • FIDO security PIN authentication (virtual keypad integration guide included)
    • FIDO pattern certification (open-source sample provided)
    • Mobile OTP
    • QR authentication (PC login)
    • FIDO digital signature
    • PKCS#7 digital signature
    • OTAC (One-Time Authentication Code) login
    • Administrator page (dashboard, authentication log, user/administrator management)

swIDch Auth SDK includes

  • Client Module

    • Android Library
    • iOS Library
    • Sample Project (Java, swift, Object-C)

    Server Module includes

    • Authentication Server Module (WAR)
    • RP Server Interface Module (java)
    • Admin Web Module (WAR)
    • *swIDch Auth SDK supports maximum server configuration which includes 5 types of servers – Development, Test, Production, Replication and Disaster Recovery server.


    • Server Interface Guide
    • Server Implement Guide
    • Android Developer Guide
    • iOS Developer Guide
    • Virtual keypad Integration guide (for 3 major keypad manufacturers)
    • QR Login Integration Guide

    License Agreement


    • FIDO 1.0 UAF certified by The FIDO Alliance
    • GS (Good Software) Level 1 certified by TTA